Welcome! Are you ready to join the anti-diet revolution?

Join the Food Freedom Lifestyle and say good-bye to dieting forever!
Hello! In Teal Lettering

I'm Koko...

Former dieter and obsessive exerciser turned holistic nutritionist and intuitive eater. My life completely changed when I adopted the Food Freedom Lifestyle and embodied the idea of intuitive eating. I thought I would never escape the hold that diet culture had over me. But thankfully, here I am on the other side. Happy, healthy and free!

I want to help you leave diet culture behind and live a life of Food Freedom!

Food Freedom Lifestyle Coaching

Imagine a life where you no longer obsess over food, struggle with the latest diet craze or feel ashamed of your body.

7 x 45 Minute One on One Coaching Sessions

An anti-diet revolution has begun! During the Food Freedom Lifestyle Coaching Series, we will cover topics such as:

This program is meant for those experiencing or having experienced disordered eating (chronic dieting, emotional eating, overexercising). This is not recommended for those in active eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia).

The Food Freedom Lifestyle is not a weight loss program. It is an anti-diet revolution.