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    As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and coach, I can help you identify your core beliefs surrounding food, weight and health and work with you to reassess and reframe your diet mentality beliefs.

    If you have a spent a lifetime yo-yo dieting, restricting and counting calories, binge eating, over exercising and believing that life will be better when you look a certain way, an intuitive eating coach can help! You must be willing to give up your current diet frame of mind for the anti-diet revolution to occur. This can be a scary process and requires vulnerability and trust in your body’s own wisdom.

    We will work through 1-2 Food Freedom Lifestyle principles and how you can start implementing them in your life. We will identify your specific triggers, strengths, weaknesses and needs amongst these principles so that you can move toward progressing, without worry of perfecting your new intuitive lifestyle.

    The Food Freedom Lifestyle coaching series is a fantastic introduction to intuitive eating. After these sessions, we may evaluate the level of one-on-one support that you need moving forward. You will not become a *perfect* intuitive eater by the end of these sessions. But, you will be able to embody the principles and implement them in your daily life in order to make choices that reflect and honour your intuitive needs and enjoy both health and pleasure.